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A Shocking Revelation by DaringDashie

This art piece was nicely done and the drawings look like it came from the show its self very well done but in panel 3 it looks like fluttershys mouth is a bit off center but other than that small detail you did an wonderful job on making this funny and well done for us here on deviant art i hope you kept the work and i gotta ask any tips to give to new artist like me but like i said you did a wonderful job and keep posting things like this there very nice and funny

Thanks, Nate
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DaringDashie Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the comments.

Tips? I dunno, I'd say don't be afraid to have a go, practice, and listen to feedback but don't take it to heart if someone doesn't like what you do. Mainly though, draw stuff cause you're having fun doing it, if you're not enjoying yourself it's not worth it :)
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